I dream of having laces not too long, not too short, but juuuust right. Since that will never happen, I'm always on the lookout for a shoelace hack that'll get me thru the day, improve my life, and, hopefully, contain no nitrates. Boom. #lynbraid!

When I was about this old (there, to the left), I reallllly wanted to go to the carnival down by the pier. Every year my sisters and brothers would go, but I was too young. Too short. Too immature. Too much of a pants-wetter (true story). That year, though, one of my sisters said she'd take me if I learned to tie my shoes.

ARGHHH!  So hard. She was very patient with me as I tried the two loop method over and over and over. I wasn't getting it and I was getting frustrated. I wanted to go to the carnival, man!

Then, another sister (I have three) came along and showed me the super-easy One-Loop-Wraparound method and I nailed it in two tries!

All of this is to say, tho I could never do it, I love what Pine Island's Evalyn and Gracelyn have done here. If your laces are too long, bingo, problem solved with #lynbraid.