FILL IN THE BLANK: Rochester, Minnesota has too many  _________.

Great question, right?!  I know there is something that you just blurted out when you read that question in your head.  Scroll through the list below and see if what you just said is one of the top answers from people who live in Rochester.

FILL IN THE BLANK: Rochester has way too many ________.

If someone asked you, "What does Rochester have too many of?", what would you say? I asked that question to people living in the Med City and got quite the list of answers. Some might make you laugh (cause they are true) and others may have you scratching your head a bit because this is the first time you've realized we have a few issues happening in our gorgeous city. Scroll through the list that were sent to me and see how many you agree with.
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What is missing on the list?

When you scrolled through the list, was the answer that popped in your head missing?  Let me know!  Send me a note over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

Rochester has a ton of burgers but what place would you say is the best?

If you are looking for a place to grab an amazing burger, Rochester has a TON of places where you can grab a scrumptious burger fixed just the way you want it.  If you don't want to Google the best spots, just scroll below to see some of the best places in Rochester for a burger.

11 Best Places to Get a Mouth-Watering Burger in Rochester

A delicious burger is ALWAYS a good idea! But it can be hard to figure out where to go with all of the burger places in our area. To help you decide where to get your next burger, check out the 11 best places to get a burger in Rochester according to Yelp (in no particular order).

Remember when we were kids and we thought the cookies from McDonald's were the best thing ever?  Yeah, they are gone.

They were the best, right?!  Buttery bits of goodness in the shape of your favorite McDonald's characters were one of my favorite foods that I devoured in the '90s with my happy meal.  That's not the only thing that the big burger giant has taken off their menu throughout the years.  Look below and scroll through to see how many of the loved menu items are gone today.

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