It’s not uncommon for actors to employ a double for particularly intense stunts — not to mention, a good stand-in comes in handy while the lights and camera are being positioned. But there’s another reason why an actor or director might request a body double on set: Nude scenes. While some actors are ready to strip down in front of the camera, others have good reasons to be a bit more reserved — which is fine, since there are professionals who will gladly bare it all in their place.

There are some cases, however, where the decision to fly in an anonymous actor’s body part is purely practical. For example, an star may have a tattoo that their character wouldn’t. Or, the actor is required to skinny dip in a freezing body of water. Whether it was for logistical or personal reasons, these actors skipped the disrobing for pivotal movie scenes — and the audience was none the wiser. To be honest, very few of us would notice the difference if these actors didn’t share their experiences using body doubles.

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Some actors have even revealed that they were allowed to pick their own butt doubles. Keep in mind that there aren’t unlimited options, however. A couple of stars stressed the importance of finding someone with a similar build and height — in one certain actor’s case, it was a matter of trusting the performer to get the job done right. Below, discover ten famous actors who opted to use body doubles for nude scenes in movies, as well as their reasons for doing so.

Movie Actors Who Used Body Doubles For Nude Scenes

Seeing is not always believing when it comes to movie sex scenes...
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