Believe it or not, I know this guy's joy. For 13 years he parked in a distant lot and shuttled in to Mayo. Now, his moment has arrived...he has on-site parking and it is beautiful.You must see this video! 

"How can you know this man's joy, James? You are a DJ, at a radio station. We know how they treat royalty! Limos to take you to work, chefs to prepare breakfast, lobster or steak for lunch, and massages at the end of the day!"

Well, that's actually fairly accurate, except for the limo. We drive ourselves to work and, until recently, we had no parking spaces. The building's parking lot just doesn't  have room for all of us to park (just like Mayo!), we had to pay for street parking, or park at Soldiers Field and walk to downtown.

For some of my first 16 years here, I worked at night (anyone remember The Lord of the Night?, too), so the lot was mine. But then I started working mornings and we were forbidden from using the on-site lot (again, just. like. Mayo!).

Also...alternate parking wasn't made available. No distant lot and shuttle for our use. You're on your own, get out there, tiger!  I could have papered my walls with the parking tickets! Ugh.

When I returned easier this year, and found out we had reserved parking spaces NEXT TO THE BUILDING, well, I did a little dance and jumped for joy.

So, Ben, I know how you feel, man. You wait and you wait and you wait and one day, BAM! The kingdom is yours! Congratulations!