So, was that a storm or was that a storm? Not much rain, but wind, damage, and a tornado came to visit last night. 

Unless you could sleep thru a cruise ship docking in your bedroom, you know that we got hit by severe weather last night, but how severe was it? A tornado touched down in Wabasha County, we had power outages throughout Rochester (2700 customers!), 60 to 75 mile an hour wind gusts around Douglas and Dodge County, and a lot of downed power poles along South Broadway between 52 and the airport.

Some of the heaviest damage from last night’s storm happened in in Wabasha County had a tornado touch down. Big damage to a home and a destroyed barn were reported 7 miles outta Lake City. And trees are down all over the Y-105FM listening area.

Here are some pics listeners posted on the Y-105FM Facebook page. The one where it looks like the tree is eating the garage is a huge part of that tree, and the branches literally cover the garages roof.