Welcome to the Winter Radioland of Christmas at Y105!   We are now your official Christmas station!

There is a new Guinness World Record that has been set at a location in Australia for the most number of Christmas lights.  The Richards family set this record, on a residential property with over 500,000 lights on display.  Just in case you are not able to travel to Australia, take a look at this video! The cost of electricity?  He claims it is, "Another $2,500 for the month of December in power"

There are:

  • Approximately 31 miles of lights
  • All lights are set to Christmas music
  • There is an almost 60 foot tall tree
Around here, there is the "Lights At Bluff Valley" show in Zumbro Falls. Several people from the area travel to see this gigantic display every year.   The money is donated to local high school music programs. The show features the world's only light maze.

It is open Thursdays through Sundays 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. until Saturday, November 30th, and Fridays through Sundays, again from 5pm to 10 p.m. from December 6th and closing December 22nd.

This is from a couple years ago but it gives you an idea of what to expect at Bluff Valley.

1-877-GO-SEE-IT is the number to call for more information.

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