We asked you to share your dads, and boy howdy!  You shared 'em!  Here are all the entries, so many wonderful pictures. 

One of my favorite comments was on a picture where a dad was wearing red suspenders. His daughter said that she couldn't believe she'd ever miss the suspenders, and yet, now that dad's passed on, seeing them in the photo brings back a ton of great memories.

My dad was a suspender wearer. I wished with all my heart that he was a classy suspender wearer (and maybe he was back in the day), but as the 70 year old man I loved so much, he wore these godawful wide suspenders. They never matched his other clothes, not that he matched his clothes to anything in particular, really.

In fact, my mom used to give him help in picking out what to wear, a habit I'm sure started back in the 1950's when they married. Only, as he got older, and she got slower, she found a more novel way of handling it.

She took a big permanent marker, and made notes in his clothes. On the inside waistband, she's write something like, 'Good brown pants, goes with good white shirt or good soft yellow shirt." And then inside the yellow shirt she's write, "Good yellow shirt."

She passed away before he did, so she was helping him dress for the rest of his life. Now THAT'S love.

So yeah, goofy suspenders then, wonderful memory now.