Probably one of the close-to-impossible refund processes for a food recall was just issued for a product sold in Minnesota.  You'll see why it is almost impossible if you keep reading.


Almost Impossible Return Policy Issued for Latest Food Recall in Minnesota

If you were traveling in or through Minnesota recently and happened to grab a fruit and cheese tray at Caribou Coffee, put it down immediately.  The food recall was recently posted on the website and when I saw where you were supposed to return the product for a full refund, I laughed out loud.  It's at the Minneapolis - Saint Paul International Airport in Minnesota!

Photo by Benjamin Nelson on Unsplash
Photo by Benjamin Nelson on Unsplash

Details to know about the Caribou Coffee fruit and cheese tray recall

Here are a few of the details about the recalled product to know:

  • Product Recalled - Caribou Coffee Fruit and Cheese Plate, 6.2 oz, which comes in a clear package.
  • Reason for Recall - it is potentially contaminated with Listeria Monocytogenes.  Cut Fruit Express learned that the Brie Cheese used in the product was recalled by the supplier.  As a result, all products created by Cut Fruit Express that contained Brie Cheese and that were shipped between September 26th and October 5th, 2022 are recalled.
  • Product Sold - at Caribou Coffee locations in the Minneapolis - Saint Paul International Airport in Minnesota.
  • Used By Dates - 9/30/2022, 10/2/2022, 10/4/2022, 10/7/2022 and 10/9/2022.

What you should do if you have any of the products that are part of the fruit and cheese plate recall

If you were traveling or working in the Minneapolis - Saint Paul International Airport and may still have this product in your possession and haven't eaten it yet, you are asked to immediately destroy the product.

If you'd like a refund, you are asked to return the product where you bought it - which means you may have to fly into Minneapolis - Saint Paul International Airport to get those few bucks back or possibly need to go through security to make it happen.

The recall also included contact information if you have questions.  If you need it, you can reach Shelley M. Ryan at 952.941.9220 or at

Learn more and see the full recall on the website.

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