I read a survey once. An evil survey saying peanut butter and jelly sammiches are the most popular comfort food. It hurts me, literally hurts me, to post such outlandish lies. Everyone knows that grilled cheese sammiches and mac and cheese are the Nation's favorite comfort food.

And so I tip my hat to Dan at the Great Harvest Bread Company. The other day I was talking about how great it would be to make a grilled cheese sandwich with Great Harvest BC bread. But then, I got a li'l wild and suggested the grilled mac and cheese and BOOM! Dan dropped an email saying he was going to do just that!

And it was good. SO good. Rosemary garlic bread, cheese, and then mac and cheese. What's that you say? Why the cheese if you have mac and cheese? Because cheese...man! And the bread honestly makes the difference. It grills up perfectly, bringing out more flavor.

A big plus is that it's a little messy, but not too messy. That's a big deal for me. I don't mind messy sammiches, but too messy and you're eating your sammy off the plate on not from between the bread (as God intended).