The American Ninja Warrior season finale is Monday night (Sept 14). I'll admit that I don't watch the show every week, but when I do tune in it's quite entertaining. I'm amazed by the athleticism of the people that take on the nearly impossible obstacles in front of them. Most fail at some point during the run, but when a contestant makes it all the way through it's quite the accomplishment.

So that got me to wonder, just how do these athletes train for such an event? And at what age do they usually start training? Then I came across this video of a young boy nicknamed Yoshi. He's just a toddler but he's obsessed with American Ninja Warrior. Yoshi wants to be a Ninja so badly that his dad set up a course for him in their backyard.

Maybe there's the potential for a spin-off show...American Ninja Toddler. If we can have a half-dozen spin-offs of CSI, Law & Order or NCIS, why not? If it happens, I predict Yoshi will be the first champ.