Last night I had dinner and a memory. A funny, weird, odd, teenage memory. I'll get to the memory later, let's talk food. It was...yum! Or maybe om nom nom. Or, wow, you definitely want to win the Y-105 / Kahler Grand Hotel Love Story Contest so you can do this! 

On Friday at 9AM, you'll be able to come to and tell us your love story in 100 words or less...add a picture...and be entered in the contest to win an overnight at the Kahler Grand Hotel, breakfast in bed, and an incredible dinner at the Elizabethan Room!

I mention the dinner last because I really wanted to talk about it first. Last night, at the historic Elizabethan Room (so historic the Mayo brothers used to sit around the fireplace for breakfast!), I was lucky enough to take part in a private tasting. It was just a sampling of the menu offered on weekends in February.

My favorites were: The lobster bisque. Rich and still kinda light. Rates three om noms. I LOVE beets, so they get four om noms for having 'em every which way...roasted, poached, pureed, etc. The Filet was so tender you could cut it with your fork. Four om noms there, too.

Anyway...some pics from last night. Then the memory...

How does the first date memory fit in here? Well, it was way back when the Elizabethan Room regularly served dinner . I was 18 or 19, my brand new girlfriend was 17, and I heard the ER was really good, so I said, "Let's go have dinner after I get off work." I got off work at JCPenney (I sold underwear!), and we went to dinner at what had to be the fanciest restaurant in town. I had no idea it was so fancy...wandering violins fancy.

I don't remember what we ate, but I remember where we sat. And last night, as I looked at the space next to the pillar, I thought, "Oh my gosh...she was in her cheer-leading uniform! She had to go to the bathroom...and I wouldn't stop talking so she could ask where it was!" For almost an hour!