Last week you were introduced to the That's My Gal...a! sitcom as a great way to talk about the Gift of Life Transplant House Gala of the Decades, the 80's! And today we gave away two tickets and a limo ride! 

Congratulations to Karen Faiman! She and her guest will be joining Laura Lee from ABC 6 News and me at Saturday's Gala! How does the gala help transplant patients?

You discover your kidneys have shut down. Or your liver has gone bad. Or you need a new heart. Or a pancreas. And you've spent so much money getting to that point in the process that you can't imagine spending thousands on hotels and restaurants. But you have to, because you area survivor. You're going to fight for all it's worth to stay alive.

I was so scared and confused when it was time for my transplant, and I was fortunate to have a friend's home to live in for a week here and two and half months there (thank you Tracy McCray and family!).

What do you do if you don't have your own Tracy McCray? The Gift of Life Transplant House, and to make sure they can keep helping families during all the transplant related visits, they need your help.

James Rabe as a high school senior.

What's the Gala of the Decades, the 80's? It's a huge party to benefit the Gift of Life Transplant House! This Saturday, we'll go back in time to the 1980's...Laura Lee from ABC 6 News will be there with me be on the tarmac before the shindig, it's cocktails, 80's tunes, games, and more!

Then, the hanger doors swing wide, and inside it's time for an amazing dinner and a night of fun! Here's the stuff you need to the image to buy tickets.

Special thanks to Chamberlain Concierge & Lifestyle Management.

Click the poster to buy tickets!