I was in marching band.  I played clarinet for JM.  I still have that instrument even though I dont play it these days. I can't imagine playing it when I am 79!  A 79 year old flute player from Iowa dusted off his daughters flute and now is an inspiration to all of those around him.  I suppose he really would be!  

In Dubuque, Iowa, at Kennedy Elementary school, Tony Boland joined the fifth graders after volunteering at the school. He volunteered for a decade to help children with their reading.  The Associated Press reports that the band director thought that he would make a great addition to the school band.  He did just that, joined the band!  Now he can help the kids read not only words, but music too.

I think he must really have a fun time playing with the kids. To be 79 and to have enough air in his lungs is amazing in and of itself, dontcha think?

Steve Frost / ThinkStock