Antique shops and thrift stores are some of my favorite places to explore. You never know what you'll find. It's like a year-round garage sale! But this one antique store in small-town Minnesota has a pretty unique feature that I can't say I've seen at other stores before.

The shop is called Annabella's Antique Mall and it's in Bovey, Minnesota. There are just 726 people that live there and the town is up in north-central Minnesota, near Grand Rapids. So if you're up in that area you'll want to stop at Annabella's to shop, of course, but also to check out this little secret.

Inside Annabella's, you can find a hidden speakeasy and escape tunnel! I found out about this thanks to a post made on the Quirky Minnesota Places Facebook group. In the picture, you can see the nondescript door and a sign up top that says 'The Escape Tunnel'.

Jennifer A. Carlson via Facebook
Jennifer A. Carlson via Facebook

To the side of the door, you can also make out a sign that explains the room a bit. It says "The Speakeasy and Tunnel are a reenactment of what existed during the Prohibition." So sadly it's not an operating speakeasy, however, the sign also says that you can rent the room for your events. How sweet would it be to have a 1920s-themed party at the speakeasy? That would be awesome!

Also in case you aren't familiar with our local speakeasy, Bitter and Pour is a speakeasy in downtown Rochester. It's down some stairs and, of course, has a discrete door. Every time I bring someone new I force them to figure out how to get in. Sorry not sorry to everyone I've done that to!

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