I've shopped Apollo Liquors as long as I've lived in Rochester and I don't know why I'm so shocked by this. Apollo Liquor Stores have been sold!

And the big surprise is...they were sold to the King family in December! December 20th, to be exact.

The Kolas family built the business from one Austin store in 1969, and tho they've sold five stores and licensed the name "Apollo Liquor" over the last four years, they're not getting out of the business.

First, the King family now has majority ownership, but two of their stores (their convenience stores), are still in the Kolas family. Plus, they're helping with the transition (and helped King with the opening of the store near HyVee Crossroads).

PERSONAL NOTE: The best news to me is the plan to keep store management and 55-some employees. Which is good. I'm all about service, and I've always had great service from all the Apollo stores. I will miss seeing Ari in the aisles, ready with a smile and great recommendation.


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