A bittersweet goodbye is happening in Minnesota right now.  A long-standing business shared the news on January 13th, 2024 that its doors would be closing after 47 years.

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Minnesota Business, Archery Headquarters, Saying Goodbye After 47 Years

It is the final few days for a Minnesota business.  After 47 years, Archery Headquarters at 3440 Northern Valley Pl NE in Rochester, Minnesota, is closing for good.

You would never guess it but my quiet, somewhat shy daughter loves archery!  She went to a camp during the summer and came back a huge archery fan.  She got a bow, we have a bunch of arrows, and she spent some time at Archery Headquarters practicing and learning this skill.  It is pretty impressive to watch her find that bullseye!  And then I try it and you can quickly see who has skill and who doesn't.  ;)  I know she is going to be bummed about this closing and I wish I would have found out about this earlier so she could have stopped by.  Glad I saw Bucky Beeman's story otherwise I doubt I would have known.  #SocialMediaIsFunLikeThat

According to a comment on Facebook, the idea at first was to hopefully sell the business so it could continue but that didn't end up working out.  Retirement is ahead for the owner and this is the final week for Archery Headquarters.

Shop now at Archery Headquarters for our retirement sale. Everything must go. MATHEWS new Lift on sale. Never will you see prices this low again. 🎉

- Archery Headquarters Facebook Page


- Archery Headquarters Facebook Page

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I know that there are a lot of people besides my family who are also fans of this Rochester, Minnesota business and are thankful for the time and knowledge shared by the experts at Archery Headquarters.  You will be missed!  Enjoy your well-deserved retirement.

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