Just the other day, a report came out about each state's favorite movie candy. Minnesota's is, apparently, Almond Joy. Z-Rock 107-7's Jordan blogged about it and said,

Consider me surprised, because I don't think I've ever snacked on an Almond Joy at the cinema. I'm more of a "dumping an entire box of Reese's Pieces into my bag of popcorn" kinda guy, personally.

But then he went on to say, "Apparently if you live in Wisconsin, you enjoy snacking on cheese singles, which is...actually seems like a good idea to me?" I agree, love to grab a cheese single now and then and fold it up, tear it up, etc. Especially the Kraft Premium. That stuff is excellent alone or on a burger.

However...Kraft Singles for Wisconsin's # 1 Movie Candy? I call bologna (which is also good with singles...some ketchup, bologna, cheese slice, squishy white bread...om nom nom). I was so sure I was right, I got in touch with former Rochesterite, John Hromyak. He's now a Wisconsinite and travels around the state quite a bit, so he knows things.

ME: John Hromyak, you've been around, you know things, is it true Wisconsin's favorite movie candy is Kraft Singles?

JOHN: I saw that... obviously dreamt up in some NYC high rise...as we have so much good cheese we wouldn’t say Kraft singles.

ME: What would Wisconsin's favorite movie candy be?

JOHN: Ahhhhh...probably brats and cheese curds, honestly.

ME: Are you going to start sneaking Kraft Singles in now?

JOHN: Obviously.

So there you have it. Brats and curds, not singles. Sorry, Kraft.

Oh, and I'm 99% certain North Dakotans don't crack open a can of baked beans in the theater.

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