You may think that high school and college are getting you ready for real life, but in the retrospect of things, they truly aren't. College is a great stepping stone to get you ready for adulting, but there are still holes that you have to figure out how to fill. For example... How often should you wash your towel? Your mom may tell you once, but most of us ignore what our parents tell us. But... we'll listen to social media! In this case, BuzzFeed has our back on this topic and I think many Minnesotans are reusing their towels too many times.

BuzzFeed talked to Kelly A. Reynolds Ph.D., an environmental health professor at the University of Arizona to fill us in on the topic. She says you should wash your towel after THREE uses. If you do fallow the three use rule, you should hang the towel up after each use and make sure it dries properly. It is also important that the towel doesn't hit the ground. Apparently the towels job is to pick up dead skin cells and absorb the leftover water that is on your body. In the article, she says that bacteria and mold attach to your towel, but the growth rate is slow. That is why the three use rule is a good go-to.

Now when it comes to face towels, you need to change them out way more often. She recommends changing them after EVERY USE. The article says that we soak the towel before washing our face, which means it takes longer for the towel to dry. Also, we have more sodium and other elements on our face that makes bacteria spread faster.

She recommends if you wash your towels properly that you get new ones every ten years. Well sorry, mom... all I can say is I guess you learn something new every day and I'll do better at towel maintenance from now on! ;)

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