Is "Lose Yourself", by Eminem, the most timeless song of all time?

A website called Polygraph says yes, yes it is. They took every Billboard Hot 100 hit from 1950 to 2005 and then crossed referenced it with the number of times it has played on Spotify, and BOOM! The Most Timeless Songs.

But are they the most timeless? I don't mean, "Are the songs any good?" I don't generally put songs in good/bad categories because they're songs. I like 'em, or I don't. If it sounds good to me, but horrible to another person, who is right?

So, I'd say no, they're not the most timeless. There are too many missing artists to make it a complete list. For example, Spotify doesn't play the Beatles. So they're not on the list. At all. I'm sure a few folks would say they have some timeless music. Same with Taylor Swift. And a lot of other artists that Spotify doesn't play.

Anyway...even if the list is massively incomplete, it's still fun to see if your favorite tunes made it, so here's their top five (see the rest of them here).

  • 5

    "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Nirvana (1991)

  • 4

    "Don't Stop Believin'", Journey (1981)

  • 3

    "Numb", Linkin Park (2003)

  • 2

    "Mr. Brightside", The Killers (2005)

  • 1

    "Lose Yourself", Eminem (2002)