Survey says yes.  Are you one of the one in four people that supposedly find it to awkward to tell your dad you love him? Maybe 'Married With Children' was not too far off either suggesting that Al Bundy was simply a way for his kids to just grab a dollar or two. If so, that is sad. :(  The research also found out that over half, 61% have no issues taking money from dad even if they can't bother to  greet him with a hug.


C'mon, you know what I'm talking about.  It's at approximately 2:06 into this video below when it happens.

I am very blessed in the dad department.  My dad almost always makes a point to end every phone conversation with an I love you.  Almost every time I see him in person he reaches out for a hug.  Therefore, I do not fall into these weird statistics.  It's not awkward when dad initiates all of that right from the get go, and always has ever since I was a baby.  Here is the breakdown from this study:

  • 25% think it's too difficult to say 'I love you' to their dad
  • 28% greet dad with hugs
  • 10% greet dad with kisses
  • 44% admit that they don't always tell dad 'thank you'
  • 43% say they should say 'I love you' more often
  • 61% regularly borrow money from their dad
Tell your dad you love him.  He'd love it!