Brrrr, It's cold outside!  I don't know why mother nature must do this to us.  We have a nice day when the snow melts, the sun shines, the weather is actually nice and you can almost go outside without a jacket on.   Then, BOOM!  We are blasted with arctic air.  I know that there are places that are even colder than here.  I have friends that live in northern Minnesota that are looking forward to temperatures of - 33 degrees tonight! That is not the windchill, that is the temp!   We do have a windchill advisory still in effect for our area.

Just in case you are wondering what the record is in Rochester for the warmest and coldest winter, look at this chart.  This is the average temperatures in degrees from different years during the winter months of Dec-Jan-Feb.

NOAA/Winter Record Temperatures For Rochester, MN

Here is a day by day record temperature reading list of December Rochester temps.

NOAA December Record Temps