There's a sad moment in everyone's life when you realize you can't abuse your body anymore, without it fighting BACK.  And that moment is . . . age 36.  I remember when I could eat or drink anything, get barely any sleep, and wake up and do it all again

the next day.  From Daily Mail, a new study found the average person finally becomes aware of their own MORTALITY and truly decides to live healthier at age 36.  It also found the top 10 health scares we have by age 36 that spark that change.  Check 'em out . . .

1.  Getting older, and every little body change that comes with it . . . like tweaking your back when you reach across the table to grab the mustard.

2.  Personally having a near-miss with your health, like a pre-cancerous tumor.

3.  A close relative dying.

4.  A warning from the doctor.

5.  Seeing a shocking photo of yourself.

6.  A close relative getting sick.

7.  A TV show about bad eating habits hits too close to home.

8.  A negative comment about your health strikes a nerve.

9.  A serious accident.

10.  Hearing a public health message or study.  (Daily Mail)