The Mama Duck and the Baby Ducks were separated. How the ducklings ended up in the sewer isn't known, but there they were until the Austin Police Department arrived to save the day.

On their Facebook Page, the Austin Police Department said,

11 huddled ducklings were reunited with their mother after being found in the sewer drain today thanks to Officer Jimenez and CSO Hindal!

Well done, Officer Jimenez and CSO Hindal. I'm sure it wasn't fun jumping down in the sewer, but it is so very cool...and kind. Scroll down for some HIGHLARIOUS duck jokes that'll make your kid's belly ache from laughing.

Photos courtesy Austin Police Department.


What time does a duck wake up?

  • The quack of dawn.

What do you call a cat that swallows a duck?

  • A duck-filled-fatty-puss.

A duck ran into the liquor store and stole six bottles of Jack Daniels. Do you know what they called him? 

  • A robber ducky.

My brother the duck dropped a dinner plate on the floor, and then another, and then another!

  • He said, "I hope I didn't quack any!"

My brother the duck and I were eating lunch at Grandma's Kitchen and when the waitress came with the check, we looked at each other. Who would pay?

  • Finally, my brother said, "Alright then, put it on my bill."

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