For a lot of people, the best part of fall is the sudden burst of pumpkin spice goodness! But for me, it's almost everything outside. The blue of the sky seems so much more rich, the leaves do not go gently into that good night, they are raging with color until the end, and the crisp air puts some speed in our step. 

I helped some friends move this weekend, and their neighborhood was bursting with color. Then I took a walk around Pill Hill and from apartment buildings, to the Foundation House, and even the cobblestone street, screamed 'take my picture!"

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I loved taking them. I even enjoyed the weird looks I got when I was on my belly getting cool pictures of leaves.

"What? You've never seen someone on his belly rearranging leaves? Weird."

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All pictures are credit: The James Rabe Collection.