We all love the idea of Do-It-Yourself Projects. "Ha haaaa! We'll do it ourselves and save a ton of money. Anyone can put a new tub in, no problem!" But when you're in the middle of moving a tub upstairs, you know you'll need a break, but can't take one because Aunt Susan will be here soon (then you scrape your hand against the wall, and cry out in pain,"Thanks a lot, SUSAN!") you'll wish you'd hired someone. Which is why you love the idea but hate the reality of DIY.

Don't worry, you're not alone. In Rochester, right now, the average home needs nine repairs. If you're the average DIY'er, you get three to five projects done a year, leaving four to seven undone.

Bob ((walking and talking)) - "Wait, James, that's kooky talk, I don't see anything that needs repairing in my ((stumbles on torn carpeting, falls down, jams finger, feels defeated))... house.

You do need repairs, Bob. Here are the top five areas to check, according to the New York Post...


  1. Painting.
  2. Remodeling the bathroom.
  3. Installing new carpet.
  4. Landscaping projects.
  5. Remodeling the kitchen.

By the way, near the bottom of the list is "Stop a leak." That's easy. Just watch my SIX SECOND DIY video.

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