According to a new survey by

TSM Media

, the average wedding now costs $29,858 . . . the highest ever.  The survey also found that a quarter of them are "destination weddings" . . . 24% of couples don't even bother setting a BUDGET . . . and the average number of guests is 138.

Here are eight more stats from the survey.

1.  The most expensive part is the reception venue, which costs an average of $13,385.  The cheapest part is the groom's tux, which costs $248.  And the dress costs $1,281.

2.  The most expensive place to get married is Manhattan, where the average wedding costs about 87 GRAND.  The cheapest is Idaho, where it's about $16,000.

3.  The average number of guests is 138.  And catering costs $66 per person.

4.  24% of people who got married last year had a "destination wedding."

5.  The most popular month to get engaged is December, and the average engagement lasts 14 months.  June and September tied for the most popular month to get married.

6.  24% of couples don't set a budget.

7.  A band is three times more expensive than a DJ.  $3,500 compared to $1,000.

8.  43% of couples who got married last year had a friend or family member officiate the wedding.  And only 33% got married in a church, which is down from 41% in 2009.