You know how sometimes you have no idea what your baby's face is trying to say? And other times, you are totally sure what your baby is saying?  That's what this picture is. The one where you know what this baby is thinking and would say if possible. 

It was a nice, normal, Friday evening. Friends together to chit chat, figure out the good and bad of the week, and plan the weekend. We laughed, we used inappropriate language, and then we laughed some more. And then the baby showed up and we instantly became a group of well dressed baby talkers.

Except me. I have this rule, so I was telling baby all about the Ear of Corn water tower. Did i get a loving, "Wow, that's amazing big man with a loud voice, tell me more! Also, tell me about the world's largest ball of twine made by one man!" No, I did not.

I got the stink-eye. A look that said, "Why are you talking? You're getting in the way of all this adulation...shush Mr Rabe, just sush. Let the adults adulate on me! Hey...I still hear words coming out of your mouth! Zip it! Zip it real good! Heh...that was funny, but really, be, eat you onion rings."

Isn't that the greatest stink eye you've seen a baby give? The S.E. lasted for so long, and really melted my heart. ((sigh)) A beautiful baby and an amazing stink eye. Life will be good for this youngster.