Deep fried, grilled, toasted, microwaved, baked in the oven, in a wok, or in a cast iron skillet. All are various ways one can cook up bacon. We have gone from a breakfast stand-alone side option to bacon woven turkeys for Thanksgiving. We can't get enough bacon! A restaurant with Colorado roots is going to be opening up a bacon-centric restaurant in May in downtown Minneapolis, and you won't be fooled by its name: Bacon Social House.

According to their website, the restaurant/eatery are where "Bacon is truly a neighborhood spot, where...FOOD IS FAMILY" The real question is how much of their menu is bacon-based. The answer looks to be plenty, as they even are offering something they call a 'bacon-flight'.

According to the Star Tribune, at the Denver location there are six flavors available in their bacon-flights: habañero, applewood, candied, barbecue, Paleo and a rotating flavor of the month.

Looking at one of their online menus you can expect bacon to come in just about everything from the obvious breakfast Benedicts to the croutons on their Caesar salad.

I think the best part about this announcement is my brother-in-law can't get enough of the breakfast meat, so I know where I'll end up taking him for lunch or dinner the next time he is in town.

If you've ever been to the Denver location let us know what you thought about it!

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