Remember Batkid? He's the superhero also known as Miles Scott, a boy from northern California who had leukemia that is now in remission. In 2013 as part of a 'Make-A-Wish' request, Miles became Batkid. Through promotion on social media and with the help of thousands of San Francisco volunteers, city officials, businesses, media and supporters, Miles wish came true.

In one of the largest and most elaborate Make-A-Wish projects ever staged, San Francisco was transformed into Gotham City and Batkid, with help from Batman, helped capture arch nemesis Riddler and rescue a damsel in distress. The coverage went worldwide, even President Obama congratulated Batkid for keeping Gotham safe.

Now the Batkid story has been made into a documentary film. Julia Roberts is behind the project which documents everything that took place that day, plus how Miles is doing today. The creators of this documentary say, "One child. One wish. Millions touched. Who would have thought a 5-year-old boy who fought leukemia would transform a city and a nation for a day? No one. Not his family. Not his friends. Not the thousands of volunteers who came from near and far to help make his wish come true. But it did"

The film is called "Batkid Begins" and will be released to select theaters nationwide on June 26th. You can watch the trailer above.