Just the other day, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources alerted the public to remove birdfeeders from yards.  The reason: bears.

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Bear Sightings Happening Now in Minnesota

Last year, quite a few bear sightings happened near my neighborhood.  I was a bit nervous and excited because the chance to see a bear on our property should be pretty high thanks to the three bee hives we have.  When I mentioned that last year, someone suggested that I just move them.  #ThatsFunny  Zero chance that is happening - they are all full of honey and are extremely heavy, way too heavy to carry.  And there is the fact that there are thousands of bees flying around.  So, nope, those hives are staying right where they are.

2024 could be the year though!  I've got my cameras set up just in case and according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website, the bears are starting to wake up and close to 10 bear sightings have already been reported.

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Where Are The Latest Bear Sightings in Minnesota?

Most of the bear sightings so far are in the Twin Cities area, which is pretty normal.  One that caught my eye though is the sighting in Southeast Minnesota on March 6th, 2024 near Carley State Park. (Get Directions). It is just outside of Olmsted County and South of Plainview, Minnesota.

How To Report a Bear Sighting in Minnesota

Seeing a bear in Minnesota is normal towards the Northern part of the state.  In fact, there is a Bear Sanctuary that is open during some parts of the year where the public is invited to come and watch bears in the wild.

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Lately though, more bear sightings are happening in the south and to the west and to try and capture those sightings, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources would love your help.

If you see a bear, please submit that sighting to the "Report a Bear Sighting" page on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website.

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