It was 50 years ago this week that the Beatles first invaded America via the "Ed Sullivan Show".   Perhaps you saw the recent CBS special on Sunday night.

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While most of Beatlemania was before my time, like others I've come to really admire the band, their music and their influence on other musicians.   I don't recall my parents being huge Beatles fans (they were more from the Elvis generation), but they did like several of their songs such as "Yesterday", "Michelle" and "Ticket to Ride".   I'm guessing songs like "I Am The Walrus" and "Revolution" may have gone a bit over their heads.  I didn't really discover the Beatles music until well after the band broke up.   But in my teen years, I remember listening to my Red and Blue Greatest Hits albums over and over until I practically wore out the grooves on the vinyl records.  (Remember records?).  I've since replaced my worn out Beatles records with CDs. (Remember CDs?).

Their music is timeless and admired from generation to generation.  It's cool to see my own kids really get into the music of the Beatles.  We took my 9-year-old son to the Beatles tribute show at the Mayo Civic Center last year and he really enjoyed it.   When we go on long road trips or vacations, he'll often ask me to pop in a Beatles CD and I'm happy to oblige.   Despite the fact that I'm too young to remember the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, I am thrilled to see this week's tributes and specials devoted to what I think is the greatest band of all time.  

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