Bebe Rexha was shocked to learn that someone created a rumor that she died.

On Tuesday (February 2), the "In the Name of Love" singer responded to the bizarre tweets and trending topic.

Rexha was taking a break from social media and was off her platforms for just a few days, which seemed to spark the rumor. Once she discovered the posts, she quickly set the record straight—and threw in some humor for good measure.

"Jeez I stay offline for three days and not only am I dead but I died of a drug overdose?!?!" she tweeted.

Rexha followed up with a search for her name on Twitter and the third result read, "Bebe Rexha died."

She then poked fun at the rumor. "I’m a ghost. I’m tweeting from your bedroom closet. Boo b---h," Rexha joked before sharing an audio file of her rapping the line.

A fan then shared a tweet with Rexha that falsely claimed CNN confirmed her death. "Omg God forbid what the hell," she wrote. "That’s messed up ... God forbid."

Another fan shared a different story that included her family. "Whattttt putting my mom in the mix that’s messed uppppp," Rexha wrote.

See the tweets, below.

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