Sure, you want the $1,000, but the more you hear about the James and Tracy Cash Codes, the more you wonder, "Did they really go through Secret Agent Training? Yes, we did, and it was tough! A whole 12 weeks of training! Here's video proof!

Up early, train, train, train, eat, train some more, eat, time to hit the books! Then dinner. Each day, for 12 weeks our lives were regimented, dangerous, and filled with surprises. It was almost daily that Tracy was heard to say, "Wow... didn't know that!"

The video above is a shortened version of the training. As you can see, Tracy and I are mere shadows of our former selves. But better in every way. We learned so much, our senses are keen to our surroundings, our muscles toned and ready to act, and our minds focused on the task!

Hunting high and low to find the Cash Codes, so $1,000 can be yours!

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