A new survey from the UK reveals what people don't want for Christmas this year, at least of those who were surveyed.   It's funny how all of the time you hear people say how different men and women are, but looking at the lists, there are a lot of items that are the same, maybe just in a different order on the two lists.

The 10 Gifts Men & Women Do Not Want For Christmas

 Men don't want:

  1. Socks
  2. A Bad Sweater
  3. Book's they've already read
  4. Cheap Cologne
  5. Toiletries
  6. Slippers
  7. A Mug
  8. A Calendar
  9. Chocolate
  10. A Handkerchief
  11. Second-Hand Stuff

Women Don't Want:

  1. Cheap Perfume Or Toiletries
  2. Cheap Jewelry
  3. Make-up That Isn't Right For Them
  4. A Bad Sweater
  5. Candies
  6. Second-Hand Stuff
  7. Book's They've Already Read
  8. Chocolate
  9. A Scarf
  10. A Calendar

CHOCOLATE?  Really?   That would be on a my 'Most Wanted' list.  If you look at the lists, I am sure you could find a way to give them the items on there that would make them happy.  Take the 'Bad Sweater' for example: something like that can be funny or personalized and unique.

I just really don't know as if I agree with that study.  I can understand the books that have already been read, it would be like getting a movie you've already watched.  What if the book they have read is their favorite, or eludes to a seperate gift, a memory or a moment in time?  Toiletries, well, that is understandable, I suppose. Socks, those are nice to have when you live in a cold climate, like say, Rochester, Minnesota.

A different study that was done in the 'Journal of Consumer Research' and cited here, at [escience news]  mentions unique gift ideas.   It says that you should NOT try to come up with unique gift ideas for everyone, and mentions that if you try to, you will end up overthinking it and failing.  They suggest that you think of one good idea and buy the same thing for everyone on your list.

See, that would ruin gift giving for me. I think that gift-giving is more fun than gift-receiving. I love to take time to find a unique present for each individual I am searching for, whether it be for Christmas, a birthday, or some special occasion.   Don't you think that is the purpose of gift giving?  To demonstrate to another how special they are to you, so much so, that you took the time to seek out and think about what you are giving to them?  Do you have any special tricks or tactics for your gift giving?  I like to even get creative with the exterior of the packages.  Bah Humbug to the study that says, "Oh just get everyone the same gift."   I say, take the time to spend on those you love this Christmas.


Here is a video with a few tricks on gift wrapping, so you can wrap up those carefully thought out items you've chosen for your gift recipient.  There are several awesome ideas in this video.