When's the last time you said, "You know, what I really wanna see is a great transmission repair shop commercial. You just don't see 'em like you used to.

Why, back in the day, we'd go down to the transmission shop, sit in front of the big window, and watch those goofballs work like it was a show. Because it was!  A real show!  With jokes, and stories.  ((sigh)) That was a swell time.  And then, TV came around, and the biggest show in the nation was Transmission Repair Time with Aaron Hencklefester. Well, let me tell you, America was in front of that TV every Monday night at 7PM.  That was family time.  Mr Hencklefester knew how to entertain, and, if we weren't careful, we'd learn something, too.

It wouldn't last, tho. By 1970, Transmission Repair Time with Aaron Hencklefester was replaced by wise-talking cops and slick game show hosts. It wasn't 'til, oh...1970 and 7 that the transmission shows came back, but as commercials. And boy, in 30 seconds they'd have it all. propeller shafts, gearboxes, and laughs, too! That's why it does my heart good to see that someone's carrying on the tradition. And not just 30 seconds, but SIXTY SECONDS of pure transmission repair shop gold...GOLD!

Gather the kids around and great ready for the treat of your life!