BEWARE: If you use Google Phones, You might see Ghosts While Texting

The other night, I freaked out a bit because as I was sending my daughter a text message, a ghost flew across my screen.  👻

I know.  It sounds fake but I promise, it actually happened. But NO ONE believed me when I said, "A ghost just flew across my screen!".

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I tried to recreate the whole experience at that moment but of course, just like when your car is acting up, you can never recreate the issue when you need to.  But I was ready to grab a screenshot as soon as it happened again so everyone would see that I wasn't losing my mind when I said, "A ghost just went across my screen!".

Ghosts Are Being Reported in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Throughout the U.S.

I've been chatting with a lot of people the last few months and I found out that I'm not the only person seeing these ghosts on my Google phone.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

If you've got a Google phone, check to see if you are getting the ghost too!  Just go to your "Messages", start typing a message to someone.  Next, go to the emoji icon to add a fun emoji to your text.

You can see from the photo below where the ghost showed up for me on my Pixel 3a phone.  Let me know if you find one by sending me a note on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

Ghosts are showing up on Google Phones

If you see a ghost flying across the phone on your screen, I know, you may be wondering if you actually saw what just showed up and then disappeared. I am hear to let you know that you weren't dreaming it. The ghost is real on Google phones and I actually caught it!
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