This is from a while back, but many of you know I am a huge Rick Springfield fan!   Rick came to Rochester to play at the Mayo Civic Center and Tom, Alex and myself interviewed him before his show way back then!   The photos I took during this show!


The really strange thing is that Rick and I were both recovering from surgery. Notice the sling he is wearing in the photos.  Rick was in a pretty severe ATV accident years ago, and he went in to remove some pins and plates that were inserted as a result because they were bothering him.   He had to take it pretty easy when he was here, but I admire him for still performing!   You could tell by watching him that night that he was not feeling well.    I had went in for surgery the same day to have pins and plates inserted into my ankle!   He got his taken out, I had some put in, on the same day.   When I spoke to him after soundcheck, it ended up like this... Oh you poor thing, Oh you too!   And we painfully attempted to give each other a hug of sympathy!  HAHAHA!  I remember saying to him, "Please be careful tonight when you play!"  He replied back, "Yep!" This was his return to stage after his hiatus from surgery too!


Photo By: Sue Moore
Photo By: Sue Moore.