Bleu Duck restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota temporarily closed due to staff testing positive for COVID.

As we are hearing of more and more places requiring masks due to the increase in positive COVID cases, I knew it was just a matter of time before temporary restaurant closings would be posted on social media.  Unfortunately, those have started and right now, the Bleu Duck restaurant and truck are closed in Rochester, Minnesota.


On August 14th, the restaurant shared the following news on their Facebook page:

Unfortunately someone on our staff has tested positive for covid. Both the truck and the restaurant will be closed until further notice. We are taking all precautionary measures and everyone on staff will be getting tested.

According to their latest post, it looks as if the temporary closing may be over by the end of this week.

Thank you everyone so much for your patience as we look after our staff. We will be closed for the week to allow all staff to get tested and for those who need to quarantine to do so. We will not be at Thursdays on First or running any truck events.
Thank you so much for your understanding and kind messages, we deeply appreciate them!

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Thank you, Bleu Duck, for setting an amazing example during this pandemic.

When it comes to living life in the middle of a pandemic, putting others first is an amazing example and one that deserves a huge virtual shoutout.

So, Bleu Duck, first, thank you for putting your team first and giving them time to get tested, quarantine, and so they can be safe.  And second, thank you for informing the public.  This is not always the standard practice and you deserve a great big shoutout for showing the importance of transparency and communication to your current and future customers.

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