Here is something different to do on a hot summer day in Rochester!

It has been many years since I maneuvered a paddle boat around a lake. Now you can take it easy on your legs, by enjoying a smooth ride on an electric paddle boat.

There are also canoes and kayaks available to rent.

If you would like to take a deluxe electric paddle boat out for a spin on the lake,
it will cost you $12 for a half an hour and $22 for an hour!
Canoes are $15 for an hour, and $40 for an entire day!
Kayaks are $12 for an hour and $30 for a whole day!

Visit the website,  for “Canoe, Paddle Boat and Kayak Rules."

Bring the kids, or maybe that special someone for a date night!
Don’t forget the camera to snap a few memorable moments!