Hi! It's Bo again. I'm the Y-105 Early Morning Show Research Maven. You'll never hear my voice on the radio, but you will hear me in the whispers of trivia awesomeness James speaks into life each morning. It was hard to get up today, so yeah, another five facts for Monday Moanin'.


  • Cannibalism is Illegal in Idaho...Kinda

    Cannibalism IS illegal, and you could get up to 14 years for it, UNLESS, you had to eat someone, "under extreme life-threatening conditions as the only apparent means of survival." Then it's cool.

  • 7 in 10 People Think They're Sophisticated

    The top things that make you think you're sophisticated?  The list includes going to the theater, listening to classical music, and knowing how to pronounce "quinoa".   ps - I chose this pic because...cake!

  • Teenagers Are the Best Liars, and Tell the Most Lies Per Day

    Researchers talked to 1,000 people of all ages while they were hooked up to a lie detector, and found that teenagers were the BEST liars. Kids between 13 and 17 were more likely to lie and get away with it than any other age group.

  • Denny's Isn't Named After Anyone

    Denny's started as a donut shop called Danny's Donuts. Danny because it starts with a "D" and sounds cool with "donuts". They changed the name to Denny's because people were confusing it with Coffee Dan's, and Denny's stuck. Sorry Mr Crane.

  • "Titanic" Set A Record Almost No One Knows About

    Titanic was in movie theaters for so long, it became the first movie ever to come out on VHS while it was still being shown in theaters. In fact, that movie's so long, it was still on it's first showing when the VHS was released. ((rim shot!))