What are guys spending more and more of their money on these days?

It must be an age thing. I don't really put a whole lot of thought into what I wear, anymore. I guess I used to, when I was younger. I'd try to put the "right" shirt with the "right" pair of pants; make sure my socks matched. I'd try to go for an ensemble. I was working on an image. A look.

No I pretty much dress for comfort.

Like most of my friends, I spend my money on hobbies. A friend of mine is interested in woodworking. He's putting together a wood shop in his garage. He just got a band saw. Most people I know are hunters, so they get geared up for hunting season over at Scheel's.

A new study just came out that says that younger guys, guys in their 20's are spending more and more of their money on their appearance. The average 20-year-old guy is spending something like $371 a month on shoes, clothes and grooming. In comparison a young lady only spends $294 on that stuff.

That sounds like my two guys. They are all about their hair, and shaving, and expensive, cool looking shoes. I'm not sure who has more shoes, my boys or my daughter! I make fun because I have four pairs of shoes: work boots, "dress" shoes, "casual" shoes and a pair of beat up sneakers. So, basically one for every possible occasion. I've never thought of needing a co-signer or a down payment for a pair of shoes!

Hopefully, all this attention to detail makes a good impression...