I am VERY impressed with this young girl named Hong Yan Chan. She's just shy of three years old (2 years/11 months) and she can solve a Rubik's Cube in just 70 seconds. When I was her age, I still hadn't solved going to the bathroom without using a diaper.

Her puzzle-solving skills blow me away. I have always been really bad when it comes to Rubik's Cubes. In my entire life, I've never even come close to solving one. But after watching young Hong, I became inspired and put it on my 'bucket list'. I was determined to solve my first ever Rubik's Cube...even if it took all day.

Fortunately my co-worker Frank happened to have a cube here at work and let me borrow it. He even agreed to film me while I made my attempt. Did I succeed? I'll let you watch the video below and see for yourself.