When I was a kid, I hated it when my parents used to make me take naps. Now as an adult, it's practically a treat to lay down for a little siesta.

Studies show that even a few minutes of rest during an afternoon break can make a person more productive. In fact the mayor of Ador, Spain issued a proclamation creating an official afternoon nap time for the entire city between 2pm and 5pm. It's merely a 'suggestion' and not an 'obligation'. There will be no penalties for violators who choose not to nap.

Now I'm not sure if that mayor meant for people to just take a brief nap any time during that three hour window or if they were supposed to sleep for the entire three hours. Either way, the idea of an afternoon nap sounded good to me, so the other day I went ahead and took one...for the entire three hours. Did it work? Hmmm, let me sleep on that and get back to you.