Bud Light has a new product that will make your summer a little tastier and a lot more fun. They rolled out Margarita flavored popsicles this month. Now, I have read reports online that said they were going to be available by Cinco de Mayo, but I haven't seen them in Rochester yet. If you have tried them, send us a review! These will definitely be a huge hit at your backyard get-togethers.

The frozen treats come in two different flavors, lime and strawberry, and are 8% ABV. According to KCTV5.com the frozen treats will be sold in packs. You'll be able to get 12-packs of the lime flavor and 6-packs of the strawberry flavor.  The only downside is that each popsicle is only 2 oz so you'll probably get brain freeze before you get a buzz.

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