I love going to secondhand clothing stores! I tend to find some of my favorite clothes from secondhand shops and it's almost always a great price. So it's not super surprising that buying from secondhand clothing, at stores and online, is growing in popularity due to COVID-19.

Buying secondhand clothing online is the one that's been taking over! There are lots of different online clothing resale companies like thredUP, Vinted, and Poshmark. You can go to their websites or apps to buy secondhand clothes or sell your own secondhand clothes. It's a great option when you want to get rid of clothing you don't want anymore but you still get a little cash from it. And, of course, it's a great option to find cute, secondhand clothes at a good price from your own home!

MarketWatch reports that "online secondhand is set to grow 27%" this year and "the broader retail sector is projected to shrink 23%." That tells you just how popular buying secondhand clothing online has become. And not only will it save you money (and also give you the benefit of shopping from your couch) but it's also environmentally friendly to buy secondhand clothes and sell your secondhand clothes that you don't want anymore.

James Reinhart is the CEO of thredUP. He spoke with MarketWatch and said that because of so many things being closed earlier in the year due to the pandemic “'the consumer felt like their wallets might get squeezed and moved to the value ... And certainly some consumers are shopping secondhand for [the] first time during COVID.'"

Have you started shopping secondhand more due to COVID? Or maybe you're like me and you love finding a good deal and have been doing it long before COVID was a thing!

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