In a story called, "Every State Is Known For Having A Sandwich Staple — Here's Yours" Minnesota's sandwich isn't even a sandwich...I think. You tell me.

Iowa's sandwich is the Loose Beef Sandwich, which kinda looks like a sloppy joe/made right without the sauce. In Wisconsin, it is The Bratwurst, tho the picture makes it look like the brat is getting the cony dog treatment.

The Minnesota Sandwich? The Juicy Lucy.

That's right, the Jucy Lucy.

TSM Rochester SM
TSM Rochester SM

I don't know ANYONE who's ever asked a server, "What kind of sandwiches you have?" and heard "hamburger" listed off. There are certainly ways to say a hamburger IS a sandwich, it's two pieces of bread and something in between those pieces of bread. However, have you EVER seen a restaurant menu list hamburgers under a sandwich heading?

Of course not, because no one thinks of it as a sandwich. It's a burger.

But then, what IS Minnesota's sandwich?

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