I’m not really superstitious, but I might be a jinx when it comes to wearing sports jerseys.   Let me give you a bit of history:

*Many years ago I bought a Warren Moon Viking jersey, the next year he was traded.

*I bought a Kirby Puckett jersey in 1995, the next year he got glaucoma and retired.  A few years after that he was accused of groping a woman in a bar and then died a couple years later.

*Right after purchasing a Randy Moss jersey, he was traded.  When he returned to the Vikings in 2010, I dug it out of my closet and wore it again.  Four weeks later, he was cut.

*Not learning my lesson, I went ahead and bought a Daunte Culpepper jersey, shortly after that he suffered a serious knee injury and was gone the next year.

*I barely had time to enjoy my new Kevin Garnett T-Wolves jersey before he was traded to Boston.

*In 2011, I purchased a Joe Mauer jersey.  A couple of months later he developed something called “bilateral leg weakness”, missed a chunk of the season and had his worst year as a pro.

*There was also the time I tried on a Percy Harvin jersey in the store, but decided to instead buy it for my oldest son for Christmas.  A couple of months later he was traded to Seattle.

*Which leads me to my latest situation.  Knowing that I perhaps possessed this “jersey jinx”, a couple years ago I went ahead and bought an Adrian Peterson jersey, but refused to wear it.   While it was just hanging in my closet, AP went on to rush for more than 2,000 yards and won the MVP award.  This made me realize that the problem wasn’t me “owning” jerseys, it was me “wearing” them.  So early last week, I was going through my closet and saw the Peterson jersey on a hanger.  I took it down and wondered if it would even fit me.  So I tried it on for about 15-seconds and then remembering the jinx, I quickly took it off and hung it back up.   Surely nothing bad could happen with me just trying it on for a few seconds, right?   Wrong!   This week Adrian is front page news, for the worst possible reasons.   I wish I had never put that jersey on, but most of all I really wish that Adrian had been a much better dad.

By the way, I’m done with buying or wearing jerseys of my favorite teams.  But if my jinx is real, I will strongly consider wearing Packers, Cowboys, Saints, Red Sox or Yankees jerseys.  I might as well put my powers to good use.