I can't swing a pot of mac and cheese around without hitting someone upset about the Mayo / K-Mart parking lot situation. Over and over again I hear, "See? Mayo gets special treatment."Well, I have some good news. The K-Mart parking lot situation is NOT a done deal. You have time to organize and fight it if you wish.

According to Rochester City Council President Randy Staver (on Newstalk 1340 AM and 96.9 FM's Rochester Today), there is no backroom deal to get the plan approved without going through the Rochester City Council. Click to hear the short conversation between Andy Brownell from KROC NEWS, Randy Staver, and James Rabe.


If you can't hear the audio, here are the basics:

  • Mayo Clinic is leasing the parking lot from the property owner.
  • Mayo thought the property owner was taking care of the permits, and the property owner thought Mayo was doing it. It was a screw-up, plain and simple. People are human, it happens.
  • The process is being followed...the City Council isn't even close voting on approval yet.
  • It has been repaved because the weather was right for it. It's a chance they took. If the council approves, then all good. If not, then the parking lot owner has a nice lot that he'll have to try and lease to someone else.
  • Yes, looking ahead, parking there is NOT part of the comprehensive plan, so a temporary permit will likely be requested.

I know the "Mayo always gets what they want no matter what citizens think" viewpoint isn't likely to be swayed by what I'm writing, maybe because it is likely Mayo will get the OK. That doesn't mean it's special treatment, tho. If Mayo asks for A, and there are no laws, rules, or, post-study safety issues in the way, then should A be denied?

On the other hand, this is the United States of America. If you don't want a parking lot that'll be super busy about twice a day there, you still have time to organize, plan, and act to make sure your voices are heard. Don't give that up. 

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