I never imagined anyone would want Thanksgiving in a potato chip. And yet, Pringles, who came up with the idea last year, did it again. And how'd it go? Can you get 'em in Rochester?

Jack Puccio/ThinkStock
Jack Puccio/ThinkStock

No. You can't get the Thanksgiving Pringles (turkey flavor, stuffing flavor, and pumpkin pie flavor) in Rochester, or Pine Island, or Byron...or anywhere. So, put away those dreams of an easy Thanksgiving where you gather the family around the table, say your prayers, and then bring out a can Pringles Thanksgiving on each plate.

All the chips sold out in 41 minutes! In fact, they were never going to put them in stores. It was a "buy online only" kind of deal. We never stood a chance.

According to the Detroit Free Press, to Renee Mailhoit, media supervisor for the company running the promotion, Pringles will also be auctioning off a pack on eBay for Giving Tuesday. But no details are available yet.

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