Costco made a big deal about selling a 27-pound bucket of mac and cheese. But now, no one can find it. You know why?

Because it sold out.

But, there's still a way to get it, tho the price has gone up a bit. Where can you get it? A simple search of the internet machine showed me the truth. Ebay.

Click image for link to sale.
Click image for link to the sale.

Which means a bunch of people bought the mac and cheese just to resell it! THey bought it for $90, and this person is reselling it for $119.00. Not as big a price jump as I expected. If you don't have a need for that much mac and cheese right now, but there's a wedding coming, buy it anyway. The shelf life is 20 years. 

If all this has you jonesin' for some mac and cheese, lots of restaurants have it, but it is amazing in sandwich form at Newt's. Also, totally sexy.

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